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(do not) play with food

One new discovery: the Deli Garage with their "Käsestifte". That means exactly& no less and no more than cheese pencils. Yet another example of things that we actually do not need, but are to awkward and unique not to want them. What makes them so interesting? Of course it's their design and the idea behind it. That's what you get when combining a random activity like sharpening a pencil and a food item. Once I've read that the most innovative ideas come by mixing two or more completely different fields; the courage to developp them and to present them to the big public would be the second part of the story...

Food experince reloaded

Now, to get back to the actual product. It's not any kind of cheese, it's parmesan cheese that comes in three different flavours: chillies, pesto and truffles. The limited edition had 500 products and - no wonder- it was sold out in a short time span. It gives the consumer a whole different "cheese experince" and that is another thing that makes the "Käsestifte" memorable. There is also the nicely executed packaging that engages the consumer. Not only the front side is worth a look but also the back. A scale indicates how much parmesan is needed for a dish and also how many calories it contains. So by using this, consumers not only have a trendy product but also learn something while preparing tasty food.

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Inspired by places

As I am looking for new travel destinations, I came acros this promotional video for Iceland. I always found Iceland to be a fascinating and manifold place to visit and the ad managed to show this in only a couple of minutes. And yes, it triggerd something in me and therefore I often think about when and how I would explore this country. The void, the volcanic landscape and the Aurora Borealis...
The way Iceland is promoting online it's beautiful scenery and secrets fully hits my taste. The color, the user friendly navigation, the content, the sounds, the images and the feeling that is transmited through them...Hello wanderlust feelings!

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The minimalist cottage

It's time for some eye candy. One cannot not like this one of a kind cottage situated in the Southern part of Austria, in Tyrol. Even if there are only 45 m2, the interior doesn't look small. There is something about the light wood and the glass that gives it incredibly much light and opens up the space. Besides all the light that this cottage seems to be swollowing up, I also like the fact that it doesn't follow the rustical style and thus it stands out by it's uniqueness and minimalism. Perfect for winter sports, hiking or relaxation fans that are looking for a not so typicall place to crash, for people that enjoy waking up to sun rays and a beautiful mountain-escque view. Oh, holiday, where are you and why aren't you a job?

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Reading time, a book selection

Every now and then I spend a couple of hours looking for new reading inspiration and that automatically leads me to buying books- many books. I tell you, when it comes to this, amazon is a dangerous thing, all those suggestions and customer reviews, and there is, of course, my book-list that I occasionaly update, so even if I hit the BUY button many times, the list is still getting longer.
Here are my last book-buys:
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1. Harper Lee's "To kill a mokingbird": when I don't know better, the designation "from the winner of the Pulitzer price" will automatically convince me that it's a book worth reading. I read a couple of pages and I will continue reading, after I'll tick "read a classic of modern American litterature" on my list.

2. John Green - The fault in our stars. I came accros this one in a blog that I am frequently reading,  and because I thought that I can somehow relate to the blogger, I bought the book right away and gave it a shoot and finished it in a couple of hours. Easy reading, hearth-breaking story with tears-cascade potential.

3. Junot Diaz - The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao. It should be a good book, after all it was on a list called "books about places" and it won the Pulitzer Price for fiction. As an avid world explorer, I hope that I will learn about The Dominican's Republic culture.

4. Don Miuel Ruiz - The four agreements. This book is supposed to change lifes, by starting directly at the center of all our thoughts and concerns, our mind. In short, by respecting the four agreements ( impeccable with your word 2. don't take anything personally 3. don't make assumptions 4. always do your best), we will feel enlightened and more peacefull.

Later on I will post my thoughts and opinions on all of them...



When exploring cities, not only everlasting walks are on my list, but also eating out. I love discovering new hang out places, and if they also provide me with healthy and yummy food, it's even better. VLET restaurant in Hamburg did a pretty good job on both: nice spot and view & good food. It was the first time that I went to an official slow food restaurant and honestly, the time didn't pass as slow as I've first expected. Window-table, water-view, glass always half full with rose wine!
Hello perfect daydreaming conditions.

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Wanderlust, the North Sea

Wanderlust gets to me more than once per month and if I could, I would pack my bags and set off right away, no second thoughts. But for now, I have to satisfy myself with excursions every now and then. 
This month's wanderlust has led me to the North Sea coast of Germany. There is just something about the winter landscape, the difuse light and the rough nordic wind that I like so much. Like any excursion, this one day trip was also a personal escape from the hectic city life and all the locomotion. So dwell in my January wanderlust photo diary.

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From plastic to WoW

It's so wonderful to discover artists that really want to make a change in this consumption oriented world that we are living in and that also truly believe that their work must be seen as a sort of a wake up call.  That, and also the fact that the creative result – lamps made out of plastic bottles –, is pretty and purposeful, made me dedicate this post to the Colombian artisans and the designers behind the PET Lamp project. So here is the story of "Make something old and unusable to something practical", aka. "Life in plastic, is fantastic" - how could one forget these epic lyrics? The real story however, is to be found on the PET Lamp website.
I can definitely picture styling the kitchen or living room with one of those lamps.
Preee-teey & colorful!

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